Affordable Housing Committee

Composition and Charge

The Mansfield Town Council hereby establishes an Affordable Housing Committee {AHC),
whose mission is to increase access to and availability of affordable housing in Mansfield.

A. Membership

1.  The Committee shall consist of seven members appointed by the Town Council.

2.  The term of appointment shall be four years; however, the initial appointees shall have staggered terms so that three members                 shall serve for two years and the remaining members shall serve for four years.

3. Desirable membership characteristics include:

  • Reflective of demographics of the community and region.   
  • Commitment to expanding opportunities for affordable housing in Mansfield.
  • Experience in real estate or property deve!opment. 
  • Experience in finance/accounting 
  • Experience in one of the following professions: architecture, landscape architecture, engineering or community planning. 

Current and/or prospective residents of affordable housing.  

B. Charge. To carry out its mission, the Committee shall:

  1.  Serve in an advisory capacity to the Town Council, Planning and Zoning Commission and other Boards and Commissions on                  issues related to affordable housing including implementation of and updates to the Mansfield Affordable Housing Plan.

  2.  Provide recommendations to the Town Council related to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund that are consistent with the Town's              Affordable Housing Plan, as amended. Such recommendations may include, but are not limited to:

  •  Funding priorities and programs        
  •  Funding sources
  • Specific projects related to the acquisition, creation or preservation of affordable housing 

3.  Provide opportunities for community input to guide recommendations and priorities related to affordable housing in Mansfield.

4.  Establish, with the assistance of Town staff, procedures for review of proposed expenditures from the Affordable Housing Trust                Fund.

C. Annual Report

The Committee shall provide an annual report to the Town Council within 90 days of the end of the fiscal year.