Parks & Recreation

The mission of the Mansfield Parks and Recreation Department is to enhance the quality of life for the total community by providing a variety of leisure opportunities, promoting health and wellness, increasing cultural awareness, protecting natural resources, and developing the recreational needs and interests of area residents. Click here for our current brochure.

  1. Jay O’Keefe

    Phone: 860-429-3015, ext. 6104

  1. Jennifer Kaufman

    Senior Planner/Inland Wetlands Agent
    Phone: 860-429-3335

  1. Lynda Lambert

    Administrative Services Specialist
    Phone: 860-429-3015, ext. 6111

  1. Jessica Tracy

    Recreation Supervisor Health and Fitness
    Phone: 860-429-3015, ext. 6202

  1. Kimberly Rontey

    Member Services Coordinator
    Phone: 860-429-3015, ext. 6108

  1. Bethany Burns

    Recreation Coordinator
    Phone: (860)429-3015 X 6112

  1. Sebby Reale

    Phone: 860-429-3015, ext. 6204

  1. Jennifer Caldwell

    Recreation Supervisor Aquatics
    Phone: 860-429-3015, ext. 6122

  1. Steve Capobianco

    Recreation Coordinator
    Phone: 860-429-3015, ext. 6107