About Mansfield Elementary School

Welcome to Mansfield Elementary School!


The faculty at Mansfield Elementary School are outstanding educators who are passionate about teaching, learning, and children! Through professional development, we stay current with educational best practice and are delivering engaging, high-quality instruction every day. Our priority is knowing our students and developing classrooms that embed 21st-century learning opportunities and skills. Mansfield Elementary teachers and staff are motivated to work collaboratively to raise the achievement of students and maintain the excellent reputation that Mansfield Schools proudly hold in the community and region.

Instructional Approach

Mansfield Elementary School uses the most current approaches to instruction and assessment. We start each day with a 25-minute block of Morning Meeting. We use the work of Responsive Classroom and our students to develop greetings, songs, sharing and activities that help students build relationships and emotional skills. Each day also has a reading and a writing workshop block that is student-centered.  Lessons are focused on teaching the district reading and writing skill progressions based on where each child is currently performing, while also providing access to grade level material through mini-lessons.   Developing a love of reading, with sustained engagement, in addition to building foundational skills and comprehension, are the primary foci of the workshop block. 

In math, we use core resources from Bridges and San Francisco Unified School District Math program to help students build computational fluency and mathematical reasoning. We teach in small skill groups and use math games each week.  Science and/or Social Students are taught 1.5 hours weekly, focus on inquiry strategies, and are additional opportunities for students to build their 21st-century learning opportunities.

21st-Century Learning

The Mansfield approach to 21st-century learning focuses on developing five areas, which are intricately connected to one another: 

  • Citizens of the World
  • Collaboration
  • Communication
  • Creativity
  • Critical Thinking
We give students opportunities to engage in design thinking, planning and creation.  Further, we teach students how to give and receive feedback so they are able to critique and review their unique designs with purpose.

Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO)

Our PTO is the golden thread that supports our successful partnership. If you are a member of our community, please become active and help us continue to grow together. We are a dedicated community of MES staff and parents working together to provide all children with a positive and productive school experience.  Visit the MES PTO's website at https://mansfieldtigerspto.org/