How do I get one of those reflective number signs for my mailbox/driveway?

We agree, you should have one! Please follow the Reflective Address Marker Link to order one through the Mansfield Fire Department, then send your check for $20.00 to us at the Town Hall, 4 S. Eagleville Road, Mansfield, CT 06268.

As we respond to your emergency we rely on accurate information to locate you, however, sometimes it is difficult to see where the driveway entrance to your residence is. This reflective sign program is designed to allow us to see your address day or night. Remember, we can’t help you if we can’t find you. Each sign is 18 inches in length and 6 inches in width. The signs have a green background and use white reflective numbers to display your address.  In accordance with Mansfield Town Ordinance§ 114-11 we ask that the sign be posted at the entrance to your driveway. It may be mounted to a post, hanging from your mail box, a tree, or any landscape feature you may have at the entrance to your residence. These signs are $20.00 and come ready to be installed, all you would need to do is pick a spot in accordance with town ordinance and post it.  Thank you for your interest and making the community safer for all public safety personnel.

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