How do I apply for a Pistol Permit?

                               Town of Mansfield                          

Resident State Trooper’s Office, 4 South Eagleville Road, Mansfield, CT 06268

(860) 429-6024 Telephone    (860) 429-4090 Facsimile


 (To apply, you must be 21 years of age, a U.S. Citizen residing in Mansfield, and a suitable person (C.G.S. Title 29, Sec. 29-28).  Convicted felons cannot possess firearms and cannot obtain pistol permits.  Prison time, probation or a fine for a felony are considered a conviction.)

  1. You must attend an approved Basic Pistol / Handgun Safety and Use Course Connecticut State Pistol Permit   
  2.  Complete DESPP form DPS-799-C, Pistol Permit/Eligibility Certificate application
  1. Have fingerprints taken at the State Police Barracks, Troop C 1320 Tolland Stage Road, Tolland. It will cost you $15.00 have a check or money order with you.  Fingerprints are taken at 7:00am, 3:00pm and 11:00pm every day.  Do not be late.

       4. Call the Mansfield Resident Trooper’s Office clerk 860-429-3360 to schedule an appointment (Thursday Only) to drop off your complete application packet which includes :

  •  Completed DPS-799-C Pistol Permit Application (this Application must be notarized) 
  •  Green Fingerprint Cards 
  •   Firearm Safety and Use NRA Certificate
  •   Birth Certificate (Passport is also acceptable)
  •  Photo Identification (i.e. Driver’s License) 
  •  Proof of Mansfield residency
  •  One check or money order for $13.25 payable to “Treasurer-State of CT”  (Federal Fingerprinting Fee)
  •  One check or money order for $75.00 payable to “Treasurer-State of CT” (State Fingerprinting Fee)
  •  One check or money order for $70.00 payable to “Town of Mansfield” (Town Fee)

We will contact you upon your clearance from the State Police Bureau of Identification to set up appointment 

Note:    Your temporary pistol permit will be good for sixty (60) days.  It cannot be renewed.  

            For additional information please visit

If you have any questions about this application, you may call the Mansfield Resident Trooper’s Office at 860-429-3360 

Our secretary office hours are as follows:

Monday – Wednesday          8:15-4:30   (Closed for an hour for lunch)

Thursday                               8:15-6:15 

Friday                                    8:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.   

Pistol Permit Application

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