School Building Committee and Facilities Study

School Building Committee

School Building Committee Members

Agendas, Minutes, & Packets (2018 - )

RFQs, Proposals, Bids, & Documents (2018 - ) 

Agenda, Minutes & Packets (2006 - 2011)

Engagement and Survey Reports

Mansfield Survey Results

Part 1 of March 15th Presentations (Video)

Part 2 of March 15th Presentations (Video)

Cost Comparison Tax Impact (3/15/18)

March 15th Response to Questions - PowerPoint

March 15th Sustainability, Transportation, School Siting - PowerPoint

Notes from March 15th Small Groups

Priorities Identified by Participants on 2/28/2018

February 28th PowerPoint Presentation

Part 1 of February 28th Presentations (Video)

Part 2 of February 28th Presentations (Video)

Questions from 2/28/2018

Event Informational Flyer

Facilities Operating Expenses
and Consolidation Report

Elementary School Configuration Analysis

Facilities Information Document

Facilities Study
Final Report

Facilities Study Final Report (revised 2/23/18)

Facilities Study Presentation (revised 2/23/18)

Common Spaces The Maker Space at Lee Elementary School Blended Learning: Making it Work in Your Classroom

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Educational Specifications

Educational Specifications (5/23/2019)

MBOE Meeting November 8, 2018

Meet TSKP Studio (Architects)

Conceptual Project Timeline

Flexible Classroom Space Flexible Classrooms: Providing the Learning Environment that Kids Need Innovating Learning Environments: Form follows function

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Indoor/Outdoor Learning
Space Construction 2016 Superstars in Education – Outdoor Classroom Colonial Middle School’s New Learning Garden

MBOE Special Meeting September 19, 2017

Meeting Flyer

Projected Facility Repair Costs

Presented to MBOE at Budget Workshop on February 2, 2017: Facilities Budget Review