Food Too Good To Waste

Whether it’s sour milk, limp carrots or that forgotten restaurant take-out container in the back of the fridge, chances are you’ve wasted food this week. And you’re not alone. Americans waste about 25 percent of all food and drinks we buy, to the tune of $130 every single month. It’s a growing problem with significant financial and environmental impacts. When we throw away food, we also waste all the water, energy and fuel used to produce, package and transport food from the farm to our plates. Uneaten food accounts for 23 percent of all methane emissions in the U.S. – a potent climate change contributor.

We can all make a big difference for our grocery budgets and the environment, including climate change, by wasting less food.  Click on the links below for tips and resources to make smart choices:

Think you don't waste much food at home? Visit our Get Started Today! page to find out how much you’re tossing.

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