Pool Rules



Pool area reservations will be in one-hour increments, to include rinse and change times, with a maximum swim period of 45 minutes. Please plan accordingly; come in your swimsuit. If you require additional rinse or change time, your swim may need to be less than 45 minutes. Immediate family members (total group size of 5 or less, must reside at the same address) may reserve use of one lane in the Main Pool to share. Larger family sizes should contact the office prior to reserving pool time. Limited Family Swim times will be made available in the Therapy pool and will be noted in the reservation system. Please indicate names of all family members attending at reservation in the comments.

Members who have reserved access to an area other than the Therapy Pool or Main Pool will not be permitted into the pool area or rinse and change area. After the health screening, members will first access the Rinse and Change area for a quick rinse before proceeding to their designated swim space.


Per State mandate, all swimmers are required to complete a quick rinse before entering the pool. Swimmers may elect to rinse and change after swimming, but no full showering will be permitted (no use of soap or shampoo, or extended time in shower). Electing not to rinse or change after your swim does not extend your swim time.


Masks are required at all times up until you are about to enter the water. For safety, masks will NOT be permitted in the water while swimming.


Come ready for your swim. Members are asked to bring no personal items except a water bottle, keys, swim cap, goggles, towel, and after swim change of clothes into the facility. Locker access is not available. Personal items and masks will be stored in bins located at the end of each swim area. Soap and shampoo are not permitted. 


Use of kick-boards, pool buoys, pool noodles, and aqua belts provided by the Center will be allowed. Ask a lifeguard for desired equipment. Members will be required to disinfect equipment before and after use. Staff will complete additional disinfecting between uses.


Aquatic staff will provide additional cleaning between each swimmer use as needed. Rinse and change areas will be cleaned regularly, including use of spray disinfectant three times daily. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon and at close.


If you require special assistance (such as use of the pool lifts), please make note of that in the comments area when reserving your time block. Time blocks cannot be extended, and your swim time may need to be reduced. Please plan accordingly.

Mansfield Community Center
General Pool Rules

  • All patrons must shower before entering the pools.
  • All children who are not potty trained must wear appropriate swim diapers. There are NO exceptions.
  • Children 5 years and under must be accompanied into the water by an adult (18 years or older) who is within arms reach.
  • Children 6 – 8 years old must be accompanied by an adult (18 years or older) into the pool area if they have passed a swim test.
  • Life jackets and life vests (including swim suits with foam inserts) are permitted during general swim times and family use times ONLY and in designated areas of the pool. Any child wearing a life jacket or life vest must be accompanied into the water by an adult 18 years or older and must be within arms reach. No inflatables allowed. Other flotation devices considered at the discretion of the Aquatic Director or Manager on Duty.
  • Questionable swimmers may be asked to take a swim test consisting of one comfortable 25 yard lap of front crawl to prove ability.
  • Diving is permitted in the deep end of the lanes and off the diving board ONLY.
  • Kickboards are allowed in both pools, only for proper use.
  • Glass bottles and food are prohibited on the pool deck.
  • Proper bathing attire is required. No jean shorts, T-shirts, or pants are allowed in the pool.
  • Patrons are prohibited from the filter room and guard room.
  • Please place litter in barrels.
  • Barbells, noodles, and aqua belts are for aquatic exercise and aquatic therapy ONLY.
  • Masks, fins, and snorkels are prohibited during Open Swim. Masks and snorkels are allowed for Lap Swim Times ONLY.
  • The pool will be cleared in the event of lightning or thunder.
  • Toys are permitted at the discretion of the Aquatic Director or Senior Guards.
  • Patrons must keep Membership Badge with them on the pool deck.
  • The Aquatic Director/MOD reserves the right to eject anyone preventing another patron from enjoying our facilities.
  • Any other related rule that the person in charge deems necessary to ensure the safety of all patrons.

Diving Boards

  • When diving, wait until the previous diver reaches the ladder before stepping on board.
  • No diving off sides of pool, only from the 12 foot end.
  • All dives must be made forward straight off the edge of the board with a single bounce. No backwards dives or flips allowed.
  • Non-swimmers/persons wearing lifejackets or life vests will NOT be allowed off boards or inflatable slide.
  • Adults may not catch children off the end of the board or assist them on the board.

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