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New Dog Registration Form

  1. if different than address above
  2. Providing two phone numbers helps us contact families when a lost dog is found.

  3. If mixed, please provide best guess.
  4. Please specify years or months (e.g. 2 years or 7 months)

  5. Please describe the dog's coloring. You may list more than one color.

  6. Dog Sex*
  7. Spay/Neuter *
  8. Please attach a copy of the dog's spay/neuter certificate, if applicable. Photos of hard copy certificates or documents are acceptable.

  9. Rabies Vaccine Requirement

    A dog license can not be issued in the State of Connecticut until the Town Clerk has received documentation of valid rabies vaccination.

  10. Please attach a copy of the dog's rabies vaccination certificate.  The rabies vaccine must be 1) current at the time of licensure AND 2) not expire before 7.01.2022. 

  11. Rabies Documentation Submission Type*
  12. Please explain if you selected option 4 (None of the above).

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