Human Services Advisory Committee

Committee Agendas and Minutes


Approved by Town Council 12/27/2010


PURPOSE/CHARGE: Serve as an advisory committee to the Department of Human Services in support of the department’s mission to enhance the well-being and to help meet the basic human needs of all residents of Mansfield.  Basic needs include, but are not limited to, income, housing, food security, and health/behavioral health.  The Committee advises the Director in matters of policy, program development, and external funding requests.  The Committee also advocates for the human service needs of the Mansfield community through collaboration with other advisory groups and by identifying and informing Town government regarding emerging needs.


COMPOSITION/MEMBERSHIP: The Committee will be composed of nine (9) members: one representative each from the Youth Service Advisory Board, Mansfield Advocates for Children, the Commission on Aging, the Advisory Committee for the Needs of Persons with Disabilities, the Senior Center Association, Mansfield Housing Authority, a Mansfield resident affiliated with WAIM, and two “at large” members.



  • Discusses trends in human services and “cross-over” issues, and assumes an advisory role regarding issues critical to the delivery of human services in the town of Mansfield.
  • Provides input into departmental and advisory committee goals and objectives. 
  • Provides input into departmental and advisory committee goals and objectives. 
  • Serves as an advocate regarding the human service needs of the residents of Mansfield.
  • Participates in periodic strategic planning initiatives focused on improving the overall scope and delivery of Human Services in the Town of Mansfield.
  • Reviews and recommends non-profit agency funding requests. 

Committee on Committees will review the effectiveness and composition of the Advisory Committee; the Committee on Committees will report its findings to the Town Council and offer any recommended changes for improvement.