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Curbside Food Scrap Collection (brought to you by Blue Earth Compost):NEW! $44.25/quarter (first month is free) -  6-gallon container collected weekly curbside  
In-Home FoodCycler (brought to you by Casella):NEW! $60.00/quarter - rental of a FoodCycler

Pay-As-You-Throw Trash Service: An incentive for residents to produce less waste by recycling more, while covering costs for disposal and recycling. The more you recycle and compost, the lower your cost for service.

Renters check with your landlord. They may already provide service for you. If not, then your landlord will need to set up service for the house.

Choose from one of the following trash service levels. Collection for both trash and recyclables is once per week on the same day. Pick-up of recyclables is included in the refuse fee. Billing is sent out quarterly - January, April, July and October - in advance of service. Trash and recycling carts are provided by the Town-contracted trash and recycling collector. Trash and recyclables are collected on the same day by the same truck - a split body truck that has one compartment for recyclables and another for trash. Bulky Waste (over-sized items, construction debris, demolition material) is NOT collected through town service.

Fee waivers are available for income eligible residents.

20-95 Gallon Trash and Recycle containers

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Once Per Month Service:
NEW! $12.00/quarter - One 35 gallon can of trash (holds 3-4 white kitchen bags of trash) and one 64 gallon can of recycling emptied once per month.
20 Gallon Can Service: $48.00/quarter - One 20 gallon can of trash (holds 1-2 white kitchen bags of trash) and one 64 gallon can of recycling per week. The 20 gallon container looks similar to the 35 gallon but it has a raised bottom.
35 Gallon Can Service:$68.25/quarter - One 35 gallon can of trash (holds 3-4 white kitchen bags of trash) and one 64 gallon can of recycling per week
64 Gallon Can Service:$96.00/quarter - One 64 gallon can of trash (holds two 30 gallon bags of trash) and one 64 gallon can of recycling per week                  
96 Gallon Can Service:$129.00/quarter - One 96 gallon can of trash (holds three 30 gallon bags of trash) and one 64 gallon can of recycling per week          
160 Gallon Can Service:$168.00/quarter - Two trash containers - one 96 gallon and one 64 gallon - and one 64 gallon can of recycling per week 

Managing Extra Household Garbage (Over Your Service Level)

  • Extra bag tags are available for $4.00 each. Affix one tag to each extra 30-35 gallon bag of trash. It must be visible from the truck. Tags can be purchased at the Town Hall in the Collector of Revenue’s office. Tagged bags follow the same pick-up schedule as your regular collection. Carpet, foam padding, futons, or large plastic toys can be discarded at the curb. Call 860.429.3333 for prices.
  • Extra household garbage collection during one week in December. Notice of the week is posted in the billing inserts.
  • Take it to the transfer station for $4.00 per 30-35 gallon bag of trash.

Managing Extra Recyclables (That Don’t Fit In Your Cart) 

You may put out extra recyclables in a cardboard box or bin next to your cart on occasion. For large cardboard, cut it down to a size that will fit in the cart. If the cart is full, place it next to the cart. If you routinely have an overflowing recycle cart, you may get a second cart. The charge is an additional $6.20 per month.

For service to begin, you will receive a phone call or e-mail from the Town to confirm your request and assign a start date.

Map of Trash & Recycling Collection Days

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