Get around town

Man smiling and waving from his bicycle

Explore Mansfield by bike, by bus, or on foot!

Take some time to explore Mansfield's scenic roads, historic villages, and vibrant downtown - no car needed!

  1. Take the Bus
  2. Ride Your Bike
  3. Walk Around

Three bus lines service Mansfield with daily stops at the Nash-Zimmer Transportation Center and at various points around town. Peter Pan offers service to Hartford, Providence, Boston, and New York with varying schedules. Visit the Nash-Zimmer website for more information.

Please note: Per CDC guidelines for COVID-19 health and safety, face masks are required by everyone while on public transportation and while indoors in transportation hubs, such as the Nash-Zimmer. Thank you for doing your part to help keep Mansfield safe & healthy! (March 1, 2022)