Suggest a Purchase

Are you looking for an item, but the library does not have it? You can suggest specific books, CDs, DVDs, and magazines to add to our collection. Simply fill out the Suggest a Purchase form

We want to build a balanced collection to serve all of Mansfield. We appreciate all purchase suggestions, but may not be able to add all of them. Suggestions are evaluated according to our Collection Development Policy, the availability of the item, and the condition of our budget. 

  • Suggestions for magazines will be retained for review on an annual basis. 
  • You can request up to five items per month. 
  • Suggestions for the purchase of new library materials are accepted only from Mansfield residents. 

 Please do not suggest:

  • Items already available in the Library Catalog.  Please place a hold on these items.
  • Titles that are not yet published.
  • Out of print items, or items that are academic in nature –  please ask for them via our Interlibrary Loan service.