Notary Services

The Town of Mansfield offers notary services to the public in compliance with the Town’s notarization policy.  The notaries in the Town Clerk’s Office are able to: 

  • Administer an oath
  • Notarize acknowledgements
  • Notarize an affidavit
  • Supply the name change forms for land records only (recording of the executed form subject to current recording fees)

The fee for notarizing is $5.00 as authorized by Connecticut General Statutes. 


  • Two forms of identification, at least one of which also contains the photograph of the signer.
  • Signer MUST sign the document IN FRONT OF THE NOTARY in order to authenticate the signature

The following documents are unable and prohibited to be notarized by the Town:

  • A conveyance of land or property
  • Living or general wills
  • Birth, death or marriage certificates - those vital records filed in our office are available as certified copies at a cost of $20.00
  • Any statement that requires the notary to swear to the authenticity of a document for which the notary is not the custodian.
  • Anything, from anyone, who is not appearing before us in person

We accept payment in cash, check, credit card, or debit card.


Look up licensed notaries by town using the State of Connecticut's License Look Up Tool.  

Select "Notary Public" as License Type and choose a town or city.  Click "Submit."